• Pep Talk – Talkin‘ to the River (2006)

Pep Talk – Talkin‘ to the River (2006)

Acoustic pop songs
Willi Geyer (guitar/ voice) & Jule Malischke (guitar/ voice)


1) Believe in me
2) So I go my way now
3) Keep on running
4) Love me tonight
5) The End
6) Goodbye my love
7) Talkin to the river
8) Weekend
9) I feel alright
10) Be Yourself
11) Sometimes
12) Fallen Angels
13) I sing this song


Talkin‘ to the River

Be Yourself


Songs composed, arranged & produced by Willi Geyer.
Be yourself & Goodbye my love composed & arranged by Jule Malischke

All tracks live recorded, mixed and engineered 2006 by Romi Schickle “Studio 2” Neu-Ulm
Art direction/ photos and cover design imagineered by Manuel Heinz “Studio1” Heidenheim

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